Alfredo Apparel
Apparel Design, Graphic Design
9 Circles of Creative Production
Infographic, Graphic Design, Motion Graphic
REKS Amusement & Leisure Operation
Logo Design, Branding, Graphic Design
Graphing Developments
Graphic Design, Infographic, Motion Graphic
Graphic Design, Social Media Design
BUB-8s & Rybie
Character Design, Motion Graphic, Illustration
Viscera Regular
Typeface Design, Graphic Design, Typography
Tynan Shirt Design
Apparel Design, Graphic Design
We Ҫan Do it! (2075)
Motion Graphic, Illustration
Narušení // Disruption
Motion Graphic, Illustration, Collaboration
Undead Behemoth
Motion Graphic, Graphic Design, Show Visuals
Motion Graphic, Illustration, Show Visuals
Illustration, Motion Graphic
The Uncanny Atlas Key Image 2
Graphic Design, Typography, Lifestyle Illustration
Outlook Co. Creative Internship
Graphic Design, Motion Graphic, Character Design
Chili & Cheer Branding and Packaging
Art Direction, Packaging, Branding
Kong BBQ Signage
Signage, Graphic Design, Branding
The Uncanny Atlas Archive
Design, Illustration, Web Design, Exhibition Design
Graphic Design, Illustration, Print Design
The Uncanny Atlas Key Image
Illustration, Graphic Design, Concept Art
Specimen Mycederma
Creature Design, Illustration, Graphic Design
Creatures of the Phylum
Creature Design, Illustration, Graphic Design
Emulation Game
Infographic, Illustration, Concept Art
Unique & Lowkey by ATM $TACK$
Album Art, Illustration, Graphic Design
Raman Mama
Album Art, Illustration, Graphic Design
JROD + Long Ride Home (EP)
Album Art, Illustration, Branding
The Hours I Wasted (EP)
Illustration, Branding, Graphic Design
Graphic Design, Illustration, Collaboration
Graphic Design, Motion Graphic, Collaboration
YVA Collabs
Graphic Design, Illustration, Motion Graphic
Face ( ) Value
VR, Exhibition Design, Graphic Design
Advrtas Design Internship
Graphic Design, Advertising, Social Media Design
GOGO Legacy Interface
UI/UX, Graphic Design, Game Design
Festas de Lisboa 2017
Illustration, Motion Graphic
Motion Graphics, Illustration, Show Visuals
Graphic Design, Illustration, Motion Graphics
Spectacles of Curiosity!
Illustration, Motion Graphic
The GoGo Series
Illustration, Character Design, Concept Art
Space Scraper
Environment Design, Illustration, Concept Art
"Vocal" Politician
Wear Your MARS Masks
Illustration, Graphic Design
Uncanny Atlas Major
Map Design, Graphic Design, Concept Art
Deus Ex Machina De Jure
Graphic Design, Logo Design
iSalmon 2.3s+
Editorial Design, Illustration
Mother Nature ♡ Technology
Editorial Illustration, Illustration
Illustration, Lifestyle Illustration
Modular Woden Mechs
Character Design, Illustration, Graphic Design
The Modular Baxter Rebel Generator
Character Design, Game Art, Concept Art
Trouble in the East
Character Design, Illustration
Environment Design, Character Design, Illustration
Character Design, Illustration, Graphic Design
Aroni vs Prophet 03
Character Design, Prop Design, Concept Art
Valkyrie Character Swap
Character Design, Collaboration
Feast of the Century
Character Design, Illustration, Concept Art
EPOCH: An Acoustic and Abstract Experience
Character Design, Illustration, Fashion Illustration
My Zü
Illustration, Cartooning
Organized Frustration
Graphic Design, Icon Design
Responsibly Fantastic ASMR #1: The Cove
Motion Graphics, Illustration, Collaboration
Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Collaboration
AR/VR, Branding, Entrepreneurship
F17 Risograph Demo
Experimentation, Graphic Design, Print Design
The GO!GO! IG Sticker Set
Social Media Design, Illustration, Graphic Design
OutShine, OutGlow
Lifestyle Illustration, Fashion Illustration
Just German Engineering
Graphic Design, Illustration
Graphic Design, Illustration
Duke is On Guard!
Illustration, Graphic Design
Illustration, Graphic Design
Femme Fatale
Character Design, Concept Art, Illustration
Scala Naturae
Graphic Design, Illustration
Moment of Sentience
Character Design, Digital Art, Illustration
the Expanded Proprio Receptor
Graphic Design, Illustration!!!
Graphic Design, Illustration
Open For Business
Illustration, Graphic Design
The Gears of Progress
Graphic Design, Illustration
The ATM Sunset
Graphic Design, Illustration
Graphic Design, Illustration
Motion Graphics
Charting Taste
Infographic, Information Design, Graphic Design
WOW Security
Branding, Graphic Design
Hephaestus Hand Branding
Branding, Graphic Design
弱肉強食- the weak are meat, the strong must eat
Illustration, Product Design
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