Rivals that embody and represent the Past against the Future, the Old vs the New, the Organic vs the Mechanical, History vs Science, Dark Magic vs White Science. 

​​​​​​​"Aroni", meaning "Trickster", is a Nigerian superstitious entity believed to be the spirit world's King of Mischief. Aroni was a prodigious Nigerian boy that practiced witchcraft in search of immortality. Over centuries of exploration, Aroni has a collected arsenal of various esoteric and superstitious relics with varied uses.

The Aroni is a collector of enchanted goods. His experience with the "Twilight Hammer" allows him to travel between space, and store things between space (a literal "hammer space", if you will).  

The layers and layers of cryptic and esoteric effects from his collection of relics give him a range of passive and active abilities.

The Vatican of Crafts is an international techno-religious institution set on collecting and harnessing the world's most powerful magical items and eliminating heretics. 
A Prophet is a Personnel Commander of the Vatican, and  a disciplinary representative. 

The Vatican rely on technology they developed or magic that they assimilate and harness with technology.
The Covert Device is a highly advanced and simplified, electricity-based Tactical and Utility gear. 
The HALO Unit is a "bladeless", Tactical and Utility drone designed to assist and accompany officers in-field.

The Prophet's "abilities" all come from her Covet Device and HALO Unit. 
Prophet Ability Page
HALO Drone 3D Model made on Google Sketch Up

Aroni Inspiration and References
Aroni Process Sketch

Aroni Vector Render
Prophet Inspiration and References
Prophet Process Sketches
Prophet Vector Render
Prophet Vector Render
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