Visual translation of the song "Behemoth" by DJ and sound artist, Svdden Death. 
I wanted to create a massive and dazzling visual and audio experience, almost like digital fireworks. 

"Behemoth" is an EDM (Electronic Dance Music) song classified under the genre "riddim", a genre mostly known for heavy sound design, steady beats, and intense rhythm. This song specifically is from Svdden Death's "Voyd" collection which focuses on the flow and progression of the rhythm. I attempted to translate the rapid but accumulative and layered development of the track into visuals.  

This piece, in its entirety, is a part of various processes of transformation. 
You can find a continuation of this piece here:
A revival of the same piece, but with a slightly different aesthetic and style. 
This project began as a still design I created as a part of my thesis. Once created, I wanted to take a video of it to post on social media, and decided to zoom in and out of it in sync with the song that was playing at the time, which was "Behemoth". 
Inspired by seeing the image on video to the song, I immediately wanted to create a motion graphic based on it, but due to my thesis, could not afford to take on any large side projects. So I compromised and created this very short, looping gif of the skull in motion. 
After my thesis project was finished a few months later, I was still determined to create this project, and did some quick ideation sketches to get a sense of what I might do with the skull at the big climax. 
I refined and added parts to the skull, and created a version that only showed half of the skull. 
I created fairly simple, geometric assets to use as visual effects.
The background elements remained mostly the same aside some added grain textures.
Assets created for Undead Behemoth
Below is an earlier version of the piece before final touches and adjustments. 
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