A symbiosis operated, hyper-mobility and close-range combat unit. 
Designed to be visually alluring and attractive yet lethal, complete with pretty pink hair and talons.
Rendered using Illustrator, animated using AfterEffects.

This project is a part of a much larger project, which can be found here:
Slight style variations
Key Features Call Out Graphic
Character silhouettes (Arms unattached and attached)
BUB-8s Face and Companion Detail
Her logo is derived from rotating her face panel design 4 times. Like Artemis, the Goddess of the Hunt, BUB-8s carries an homage to the Moon via the 360 camera on her forehead.
The typeface used for her name is an original font I created called "Viscera Regular". I felt it had an appropriately mechanical but decorative quality that matches the character. 
 To see more about the font, please click here: www.theinvisiblehahnd.com/viscera-regular
The design for this mech began with its 2 main features being its long legs with feet that resemble high heels, and a perched seat for a pilot/operator to sit on.
Another objective of this design was to juxtapose a very complex, mechanical, and dangerous-looking character with a very soft, bubbly, and cartoonish character. 
After a couple variations, I enjoyed how the arms that stem from the hips created a more interesting silhouette, and decided to go with it. 
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