​​​​​​​A graphic and formulaic approach to music taste. 
X-axis= Genre and Y-axis= Tone
The genres are organized in a mostly linear way, going from the slowest paced genres like Trap and Dubstep, to the faster paced genres like Bass House and Drum and Bass. 

The tones are organized in a similar way, going on a spectrum from "Wonky" and "Chaotic" to tones like "Somber" and "Sinister". 
Songs with influences from other genres and songs that share tones are visually interconnected and linked to their respective sources. ​​​​​​​
Each song is listed by artist name and then song title. 
The region with the highest concentration of songs naturally and accurately reflects my music taste.
Interestingly, it also reveals a comparative demonstration of the reigning popularity, diversity, and range of certain genres, styles, and moods. 
Ideal graph system distillation process
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