Posters organizing and displaying Mycederms, an extraterrestrial and fungal species of life that developed on Earth for over a 100 years unbeknownst to society, by phylum. 

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Different kinds of "Carnicula", meaning "Flesh" in Latin, characterizes this phylum. This category is organized by whether they have "Firmo" or firm, "Mollus" or soft, or "Densa" or dense fungal flesh.
Firmocarnicula are comparable to Earth's insects/arthropods/crustaceans. 
Molluscarnicula are much like slugs, snails, mussels, clams, and worms.
Densacarincula are more like plants and corals.
"Pallius", meaning "Head" or "Mantle" in Latin, defines this subcategory due to their extended development and use of their mantles and caps. The group is also divided by land and airborne subgroups.
The Durosaura are similar to Earth's reptiles. "Duro", means "Rough" in Latin and "Saura" means "Crawler" in Greek, given to them for their rough, scale-like caps, armors, and skin. 

Thera are roughly akin to Earth mammals and apes, and is classified to be the most familiar category in terms of biology, physical build, and function.
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