Cover Art for my music production persona, "D!CED"

Works created for Album/EP, PLAY!T:

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As an introduction to my "brand", I created 6 songs to represent the 6 sides of a dice, and musically I wanted each song to also feel like a side of a single piece/dice. Thus using a dice as the main subject felt natural. 

As the EP is called "Play it", I also wanted to utilize a play button, so I combined the two. 
A challenge with all of the cover designs for this album was to place the logo largely in the background, turning every cover into a dice face. I felt this was a good creative challenge that could also bring cohesion to the pieces.
Each song cover has a different focus color, and symbolically hints at the features of the songs. 
I created the faces of the dice using Illustrator and Photoshop. 
Then I used Adobe Dimensions, a 3D mockup program, to "mock up" the elements on to a 3D paper box model.
I chose a paper box because I felt the way it looked hand-folded and home-made felt very characteristic of the way the songs were created. 
I rendered that out and placed it into the composition in Photoshop.
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The scenery I wanted to incite with this song is somewhere along the lines of a futuristic dual, something that's risky and lethal. I chose a very digital, minimal, and neon aesthetic, and sampled the schematic diagram of a firearm to enforce the theme. 
I heavily sampled and used the instructions of the popular game/toy "Bop It", but placed the song's emphasis on the phrase "Twist it" as opposed to "Bop it".
I modified the Bop It toy to "Twist it" using Photoshop and Illustrator, then used Photoshop to also create a 3D rendering of the brand logo. 
The yellow circle marks on the cover are the symbols for "Twist it" on the actual Bop It toy. 
3. RAB!T
The song and title are intended to subvert the listener's expectation by making the song seem like it's about rabbits, but revealing throughout the song that the song is actually about rabies. 
To reinforce this subversion, I made sure to make a rabbit the focus of the cover, but maintaining some mystery.
I went for a much simpler composition to contrast the other covers in the album. 
This song involves samples discussing the risks of "Whippit" abuse and employs percussive drops that sound and feel like a whip. But as the focus of the song is more about "Whippits" than whips, I wanted to enforce that theme more heavily. NO2 cartridge are a common way that people abuse Whippits.
5. WA!T
This song, including its lyrics and structure, is all about waiting. Thus I felt it would be fitting to use the traffic "wait" symbol, and an aesthetic that felt like gridded pedestrian signs. 
The song overall is about a were-wolf-like-transformation experienced while waiting for the climax/"drop". 
I used distorted wolf howls as a fairly primary element in the song to continue the theme, and hinted at both of these elements with the red moons. 
This song's concept is that it is the one that doesn't fit the rest of the songs in terms of tone, as it is intended to be a calmer song with good-feelings and positive vibes to close the album. It is also the only song with only 1 external sample in it. 
Because of this theme of not fitting with the rest, I intentionally broke the template of placing the logo at the scale of the composition, and made it much smaller. The title is all lower-case unlike the rest of the songs as well. 
A puzzle piece without any sockets or knobs is surely the most misfitting piece. 
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Bonus Track: Just PLAY!T All:
This song is an experimental bonus track at the end of the EP, where I aligned the drops of every songs on the album to play at the same time. As it is a playful and lighthearted bonus track, I wanted the cover to embody that.
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