Deus Ex Machina De Jure is Latin for "A God from Machine by Law".
In 2075, after a worldwide race to develop technology to defeat the extraterrestrial Mycederm, the world finally comes together to form the first true singularity/AI known as "Unimates"

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I began with an idea to demonstrate the largest mega-corporations in a fictional reality all uniting and coming together to form a single point/center. 

I played around with the positioning of the icons a bit, and made the wheel like shape. When combined, it coincidentally called to a different chart I had created that visualizes the AI/"Unimate" problem solving process.
I paired related companies along each axis in a hierarchy of relationships and connections to further emphasize the connecting of companies together.

The wheel shape also coincidentally took the shape of a gear and the Hindu "Saraswati" symbol, an icon for a lotus which symbolizes Supreme reality and denotes Supreme knowledge.  
After positioning the elements, I decided to place the red dotted lines on the companies which had the biggest contributions to the discovery of AI.
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