A portrayal of three fascinating phenomenas during the evolution of a fictional, futuristic setting where extraterrestrial life has been found developing on Earth.

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Convergent Evolution is a phenomena in nature where totally different species in completely different parts of the world evolve to develop similar/parallel traits, abilities, and physical builds due to performing similar roles in the niches of their ecosystems.
"Convergence" (above) depicts the converging evolution between Earth animals and extraterrestrial animals who later evolve on Earth.
Biomimicry is the intentional development of characteristics and features that imitate the evolved designs of a natural species or specimen.
"Biomimicry" (above) illustrates the examples of the way newly developing technologies directly imitate the natural designs of other species, even extraterrestrial.
Technomimicry is when an organic species consciously evolves certain traits after the designs and characteristics of technology. 
"Technomimicry" (above) describes instances where a species willfully develops evolutionary features and designs of opposing technologies. This graphic also demonstrates the sentience and the evolutionary prowess of this species.
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