Feast of the Century is a conceptual animated TV show about a human space commander who hosts various intergalactic species and societies for diplomatic feasts on Station L-338.

In this moment, Commander Arim Hume hosts a celebration of the joining of the Qui'Zrak and Hizaren Empires. 
Commander Arim Hume is a gentle intergalactic ambassador of Earth.
The Hizaren are based on a combination of Lynch worms and Tardigrades. 
Like Tardigrades, their outer most skin is resilient to vacuum conditions, and behave as organic robes.
The Qui'Zrak are a nomadic species of Hermit crab-like creatures with a closer relationship to technology than humans. They have the intelligence and skill to use whatever is around to construct temporary body gears to make them more powerful and capable. Their dominant sense is smell, and they thus developed Advanced Reality technology for scent instead of vision. 
If a human had the universe to prepare a grand feast, what would it look like?
The dining room displays a history of diplomatic meals through banners. 
The table is devised to automatically remove and replace finished meals using a simple elevation system. 
The background space effect was created using markers and Illustrator vectors. 
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