A Devonian visualization of human progress.
This piece began as an entree to participate in the 2017 International Lisbon Festival of Sardines Contest in Portugal, where they celebrate sardines as a cultural delicacy. The only restriction is to fill a sardine shaped template with any illustration, and 5 designs win. 
The Devonian era of Earth history is known as the short window of time when the spike of evolution allowed single celled organisms  to become fish. Sardines, as all fish, are examples of the zenith of evolution, and are used to explore the idea of the growth and advancement of human technology. 

The final designs explore 3 distinct time periods of human technology and its relationship with humans. 
Mainly I wanted to illustrate our codependent relationship with our tools. 
Made using Illustrator and After Effects.

the Geared Sardine

the Motorized Sardine
the Motorized Sardine Locomotive - 2017, Illustrator + After Effects
the "uSardine"
the uSardine - 2017, Illustrator  + After Effects
"the Scales of Progress" compilation

I was inspired by a biological illustration of the organic and skeletal structures of a sardine. Because I enjoy illustrating mechanical parts and technologic designs, I began by interpreting the skeletal structure in a robotic style. I then vectorized it in Illustrator, and took it into After Effects to animate each part. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Process Sketch

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