Mockup of the User Interface for a hypothetical precision-based tactical simulation shooter titled "Happy Company", where the player gets to play and engage an arsenal of mechanical soldiers. ​​​​​​​

Within my world's story, a robotic military corporation comes to be regarded as heroes for their success in defeating the invasive threat. They become so highly celebrated, they even make a video game about it.
Made using Illustrator and After Effects.

This piece is a part of a much larger project. To see the full project, please visit
Animated mockup and demonstration of UI movement and behavior made using After Effects.
The "in game footage" is an image from a Call of Duty game uesd as to mock up the gameplay.
HUD Assets

First Person Shooter Game UI and Style References
I looked at existing, futuristic and technologically focused FPS games for cues on how to capture a similar feeling. The parametric warp, the minimalism in shapes, language, and colors, and the bouncing of the gun reticles and HUD were inspired by references.
I laid down the first draft of visual assets, but quickly realized that the assets were too large and their positioning was obscuring too much of the area of focus.
I tried redesigning the interface and layout a bit, making adjustments to address the issues of the first draft.
I then redesigned the layout and interface one more time, this time placing the main display and minimap on the top-left, so that the interface elements created more of a frame around the area of focus.
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