Commission to create a family portrait in an illustrative style. 26 total characters.

Each person's character designs were formed out of an overarching modular template that I had created previously for a different project.
To see more about this other original project, click here: 

The modular template starts with body types, shapes, sizes, and color.
The template continues to customization of eyes, noses, mouths, hair and other modular parts.
A big challenge was identifying and translating each person's most distinctive features and facial expressions to include and accentuate.
To push the resemblance, I tried to capture the persons' most iconic/semiotic clothing styles that can easily identify and distinguish them. 
A lot of digging and research went into finding each person's small, personal, and favorite items, clothings, etc that they are always seen wearing or with.
Of course, I had to take some creative liberties to make the characters feel cohesive as a whole. 
As I hadn't used the template for children, toddlers, and animals, this was a nice and fun challenge as well.
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