Identity, Branding, and Cover Design for rapper Jon Rodriguez aka JROD .

More work done for JROD: 
Artist Logo

Long Ride Home Process
Jon wanted the cover to feel subtly futuristic/dystopic, and like the streets of Korea that he saw in his visit.
Greyscale Test
NO PLAN B (in Long Ride Home)
No Plan B Process
Jon had envisioned an image of a futuristic cityscape and a pigeon flying above.
The glitched images used on the buildings were actually and randomly distorted by various devices.
THIS SIDE (in Long Ride Home)
Signs + Wonders ft. Jered Sanders + N3LLZ  (in Long Ride Home)
Jon suggested the concept of a simple design showing a sign with the song title on it. 
I messed around with many options, and eventually went with the 4th variation.
I also suggested we change the & to a + since the iconography better fit the layout and the meaning of the song.
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