Show Visual Motion Graphics for DJ/Artist Minesweepa.
In reference to his name, I wanted to create some playful visuals that play with iconography and elements from the widely-known PC game, Mine Sweeper. 

Made using After Effects, Illustrator, and Photoshop.
Song: Periodt by Minesweepa
I began by creating 3 sequences that combine the game's iconography with the artist's logo and themes.
Afterward, I used the 3 parts as 3 acts within a larger sequence.

1. Minesweepa Name and Mine Sweeper Game Emblem Sequence:
2. Mine Sweeper Game Victory Emblem Sequence:
3. Mine Sweeper Game Board Sequence:

References and Research from Mine Sweeper PC Game:
Pre-visualization sketches:
Artist Logo 3D Motion Graphic:
Game icon 3D Motion Graphic:
Game board LED Timer sequences created with Illustrator and After Effects:
Other assets created based off of game elements:
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