Woden Vedrfolnir (German, meaning "Wind Eagle") Mech Technology.
Germany's finest and most cutting edge mech technology. Designed to be modular and made of large 
simple and mostly round shapes for endless combination, easy replacement, and high customizability. 
Made using Illustrator.

This project is a part of a much larger project. To see the full project, please visit

To imitate and accentuate the modular characteristic of the mechs, I limited myself to use modular and simple geometric shapes to create the silhouettes, then essentially kit-bashed the resulting silhouettes to create new silhouettes.  
I separated each silhouette by main body and arms parts, and mixed them up randomly, 
and then assigned the arms to bodies randomly. 
Then I took silhouettes that I felt worked and was interesting, and gave them inner features. 
In terms of aesthetic, I was inspired by modularity based toys and robots like Cubics and others.
I also wanted to reference a clean, sleek futuristic look to represent Woden, the corporation that makes them.

I was inspired by modularity based toys and robots like Cubics and others. 
I used gradient mapping to test out different color schemes that use yellow, red, white, and black to indicate the German Flag.
Final Line Up
Character design used for Poster Design
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