Advertisements for a fictional, futuristic narcotic delivery device that allows users to download different narcotic experiences. 
Introducing the newest sensation, the NEON Device.  Once the stimulant device is implanted into the user's brain, they can use the controller device to download and control mind-altering experiences!
AD 1: Apple-style Illustrated advertisement

AD 2: Infograph-style advertisement
AD 3: Get your NEONs on today.

AD 4: Glowing is the new vaping.

AD 5: NEONs are your next & smartest move.

AD 6: See what's next. 
See what's next. 
AD 6: Glowing is American! Constructivism reinterpretation.

AD 7: The obvious choice.
The NEON brand later branches out to a different narcotic delivery device called "JEM" which sends a pleasant  electric pulse through the user's body. 
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