REKS is an inter-Pacific Amusement company that specializes in indoor and outdoor entertainment experiences.
Logo on Business card
Logo Signage Mockup
A key facet of this brand is its name which are initials of the 4 co-owners of this company. 
So I created a template that could fit the 4 letters, and played with  it until both its collapsed form and individual letterforms felt right. 
As the logo is made of letterforms, I created some alternatives that highlight the forms a bit more. 
To give the logo a feeling of fun and friendliness, I tried flipping the strokes to fill, and gave it some color. 
Ultimately I let the Filipino staff of the company pick the final colors out of the a set of options to assure the use colors that appeal to the actual cultural natives of the primary region. 
Some variations with and without strokes around the logos.
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