The GO!GO! Sticker set is an Instagram story sticker set proposal using an original robot character. The GoGo is enthusiastic, optimistic, and positive, but with a proper and formal twist, using words like "Critical!" as opposed to "Cool!", or "Salutations!" as opposed to "Hello!". This will appeal to be used by a wide range of audiences, from those who are remarkably enthusiastic, to those who are more cynical and sarcastic.
I started with basic sketches, and illustrated each sticker and its frames/stills using Illustrator, then animated it in Photoshop. The goal was to create more specific and tailored stickers to hopefully increase the quality and use of Instagram stickers.

Made using Illustrator.
Final Still Stickers
Final Animated Stickers
Final "Face" Stickers
Instagram display mock ups
Animation Smears
Process Sketches
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