Infographic explorations of our diverse and changing relationships with technology. 

Diagrammatically understanding our relationship with a some of our most fundamental technology,
by mapping the interaction and knowledge required to operate and gain new information from a given device. 
(Organized by number of input interaction required.)
The presentation of a fictional object as a real, solid object. 

Devices of immersion can be used to immerse viewers into data and information, like this infographic brochure, and through this object, the fictional world in which it exists.
By questioning what type of society might demand an object such as this one by treating it 
as a real object, we can reflect and compare our values to theirs. The Lumapod is essentially
a mechanical plant. 
What kind of world would demand or need an item like this? 
The moment you believe this object is a real object (even for a second) , fiction has successfully impeded into reality.
I was inspired by the clean and futuristic aesthetics of Apple devices, and paired it with an ecofriendly tone. 
Each panel provides a different type of information and detail about this object in the hopes of fully immersing and informing the viewer about the purpose, usage, science, and innerworkings of this item. 
Hypothetical "Home Energy and Oxygen Report"
Hypothetical Promotional Material
Chart I displays technology's past and present, inventions that we are familiar with. 
Chart II displays technology's present and future, innovations with functions and purposes that we might be unfamiliar with, but contextualized through Chart I. 
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