​​​​​​​As key images are conventionally a combination of mostly illustration and concept art, I felt a key image that is a combination of graphic design, illustration, and concept art was appropriate to the multidisciplinary and multimedia nature of my thesis. 

Click to see The Uncanny Atlas Key Image 2

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Graphic Assets used in final design
I started with a simple and quick sketch done with a stylus on my phone, and vectorized the line work. I wanted to go for a calm and meditated composition, contrasted with complex and dense linework. 

During the vectorization process I began to like the minimalism and clarity of pure line work, and decided to stick with it. 
I references real mushrooms and mushroom creatures of my own for the alien parts. The robot casing is an asset from the previous assignment.
I felt very strongly about the yellow background once I put it there. It felt bold, and this yellow is symbolically was significant to my world as well.
But as I went along, I wanted to be sure, and made sure to try different options. 
Layout Process
The evolution of hooks
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