2 companion vigilante  heroes and 1 opposing character for an adventure of thousand lifetimes.
The heroes are a futuristic take on Korean and Japanese mythological entities, and the robot is a modern take on a piece of American history. 

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Final Line Up 
"Junbug" is an intel transportation unit/postal service designed after highly agile and evasive 
insects like Grasshoppers and Flea. It is the future equivalent of the Pony Express.

In a future where sharing digital information is too risky due to high surveillance, 
some return to the analogue method of manual communication to relay sensitive information.  
Air travel becomes more restricted due to security reasons, forcing industries to find other solutions of reliable relay.
The next two characters were based off of Eastern Mythology and interpreted into modern and future technology. 

Do Kae Bi (도깨비, meaning "Goblin" in Korean lore) is a Korean special unit, "Chosun Commando" soldier.
His amputated arm created an opportunity for the Korean government to utilize 
advanced ferrofluid weapons, like the one Do Kae Bi uses as a prosthetic arm/weapon.
His ferrofluid arm can be shaped into any shape, and can become permeable, fluid, resilient, or adamant on command. 
HaRiNa (針の, Kanji for "Mother of Needles") is a Kyoto-built advanced assassination unit
that escaped cruel conditions of her creators to hunt down perpetrators of cruelty
against mechanical kinds. 

Her fingers and feet are made of blades. She has 3 additional larger and cable-operated limbs that can be puppeteered and wraps around her body like a backpack when they are not in use. Her right arm splits into two arms to control all 3. 
When using all of her limbs (and including her legs), Harina has 8 limbs like a spider. 

Harina [Mother of Needles] has two legs, two arms (one which contains another smaller arm], and 3 cable operated extended arms, summing up to 8 total.

HaRiNa's blade "hands" behave and are modeled after Velociraptors. 

Her "hands" can also detach and behave as a grappling system.
Harina Turn Around
Head Details
Do Kae Bi’s speciality is close combat and offense, which would leave him with many scars and wounds. 
Harina is an android, and has 8 different types of eyes. Her mechanical Kasa [straw hat] has an internal heads up display.
Silhouette Line Up - Illustrator
360 Video Character Layout
Junbug Pixel Sprite variations
I wanted Junbug to look agile and lightweight like a grasshopper, but armored and tough like a beetle. 
A celebrity is owned by many sponsors, and must represent their patrons. 
Character Development Sketches
Harina is based off of a Japanese mythological demon called the JOROGUMO, which is a thounsand old spider that gained the ability to transform into the form of a woman. 
Harina turn around rough sketch
Harina’s extended arms act, move, and behave like Velociraptors. 
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