Lost Lands 2019 Exclusive T-Shirt Designs 
for Sound Designer/DJ, TYNAN.

In his brand guide, Tynan's brand is described to be "Aggressive, Mysterious, Dark, Transgressive, yet Sardonic",
using mostly black and white color palettes and provocative imagery.  
Tynan's brand includes both the "T" logo and "Tynan" wordmark. I was informed to stay away from using these to marks together.
The full final piece is a full skull with variations. 
The idea is to take a "dose" of Tynan. The propellor represents the technological intricacy of Tynan's music as he is as much a sound designer as a DJ. In contrast, the succulent/plant alludes to the beautiful aspects of Tynan's music as he produces both aggressive and serene songs. 
I overlaid these textures into the design to give it more granularity and bring it closer to the brand aesthetic.
Below are a few of the variations I created using the final asset. 
I tried using the wordmark and design together as well, which the artist ended up liking most.
I also experimented with a few wildcard directions that introduced a very different element for more options. 
Some reference images
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