Health and Safety Propaganda/ Advertisement posters alerting citizens to protect themselves against airborne viral threats, while also promoting a product as a solution to the described threat.
The smiling face represents the vigilante law enforcement that reprehend the infected.


I began by looking for a way to integrate the clover symbol (which represent the "MARS" virus the poster talks about) into the mask that is being advertised and the face of the wearer. 
"Third Eye" technology, a fictional technology that gives users Augmented and Virtual reality through the mind, is represented in my world with a glowing circle on the forehead. With this, I sketched out an ensemble that fits the clover shape into a human face structure.
I then searched for Constructivist propaganda pieces that could fit this sketch. 
This Soviet propaganda poster by Pat Keely directly references an administrative reinforcement of safety.
By referencing the Communist poster and editing it into a new context, the piece becomes layered with context and clues, questions and answers. ​​​​​​​I am sneaking my fiction into history and reality.
With the support of the totalitarian themes of the original propaganda poster, new understandings of the "MARS" virus is created without much explanation of it.
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