​​​​​​​A poster describing the nature and events of a narrative world using only icons and aphorisms. 
The sequence of the 6 icons represent the 6 large events of my story/world, as well as its 3 main players.

A zero-sum game is a type of game like rock-paper-scissor where for one player to win, other players must lose.

This poster is a part of a much larger project. To see the full project, please visit
Transformation Process:

The poster took 3 main iterations, with each step simplifying the elements and condensing the information.
Below are sketches of the layouts of each stage of the transformation.
Below is the process for stage 1 of the poster. ​​​​​​​
Below are the 3 final stages of the poster.
Icons and Assets used
Key/Legend of symbols used
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